Male & Female Celebrities With Big Noses

Noses are the important part of face. A beautiful nose is about face i.e. the shape of nose should be according to the face. Not everyone have beautiful nose. Some people have humped nose, a big nose or tilted nose. If the size of nose is bigger than the other parts of face, then it is considered as big nose. People mostly do not feel comfortable with their big noses. They think of themselves ugly just because of their big noses. Big noses are not common. Big noses can be genetically transferred to their children during pregnancy or there may be any external factor behind it.

Male & Female Celebrities With Big Noses

Male Celebrities With Big Noses

Celebrities with big noses are rare but damn attractive. Here are some male celebrities with big noses considered the hottest celebrities of media industry. Adrien Brody has a big nose, but he is attractive too. Bob Dylan also has a big nose. Gerard Depardieu has bigger nose which looks awkward. LL Cool J has big nose but looks good on him. Martin Scorsese had big deshaped nose but he is damn hot. Luis Guzman has bigger nose which does not suit him. The most attractive, hot and dashing celebrity of Hollywood with bigger nose is Owen Wilson.

Female Celebrities With Big Noses

There are more female celebrities in media industry than male celebrities. There are number of female celebrities who have big noses. Some of the celebrities feel comfortable with their big nose look but most of the female celebrities undergo surgery to reshape their noses. These celebrities does not show the news of their surgery because they wants to look perfect naturally. Well starting from Bollywood industry, a lot of female celebrities have big noses. But they have undergo surgery to reshape their noses.

Lake bell has big nose, Meryl Streep, Lizzy caplan had big nose but later on she had surgery. UMA Thurman has big nose which suits her. Lea Michelle has big nose. Sofia Coppola, Barbara Streisand has big nose which does not suits her. Still she is considered attractive. Penelope cruz has big nose but not that much big to make her ugly. Giselle bundchen and Rachel weisz has ugly looking big noses. A beautiful celebrity named Claire Danes looks beautiful with her big nose. Rosemarie Dewitt has a big nose too. Kate Winslet a famous and beautiful celebrity if media industry has big nose.

Black Celebrities With Big Noses

Blacks are famous for having bigger noses than usual. So their celebrities have big noses too. Black celebrities with big noses are Janet Jackson (a famous singer), another singer named alicia keys has big nose. An actor (male) with big nose is sheemar Moore. A female singer named amerie has big nose. Leona Lewis had plastic surgery of her big nose to resize and reshape it. An actor LL cool J is also a rapper. He has big nose but he does not undergo plastic surgery because he feels comfortable with his big nose.

Male & Female celebrities With Green Eyes

Eye color is the phenotypic character. It usually depends on two main factors 1st one is the pigmentation of eye's iris and 2nd one is scattering of light dependence by turbid medium of the iris (stroma). The pigment in the iris depends upon the concentration of melanin in the iris epithelium. Green color of eyes is rare. In case of green eyes, the pigment in iris may vary from very light Amber yellow to to a very dark brown with black borders. Green eyes have low to moderate level of melanin in the iris. As high level of melanin gives black color to eyes.

Male & Female celebrities With Green Eyes

Male Celebrities With Green Eyes

Green eyes are rare but in English people, it can be easily seen. So celebrities with green colored eyes include Lance bass, Jude law, jared paladecki, Channing Tatum, Tyler hoechlin, Jensen Ackles, Paul Rudd, Jon Hamm, John krasinski, Eddie redmayne, Jackson rathbone, Jesse Williams, Matthew Morrison, Ian Harding, Tom welling, David Henrie, Tom cruise, Colton haynes, Adrien Brody, Paul wasley, Benedict Cumberbatch and Harry styles. All these celebrities have green eyes. There are more of them but the most famous celebrities are mentioned above. Their green eyes makes them attractive.

Black Celebrities With Green Eyes

Where there are white celebrities with green eyes, black celebrities too have green eyes. Some of the famous black celebrities with green eyes are Leona Lewis (she has mixture of blue and green eyes), Gary dourdan, Tyra Banks (she had mixture of hazel and green eyes), smokey Robinson, Stacey dash ( she has mixture of green and blue eyes), Terrence Howard (he has mixture of green and hazel eyes), Eva pigford (she also has green and hazel mixture), lala Anthony has green eyes, Robert Richard also has pure green colored eyes like Gerald Kelly.

Female Celebrities With Green Eyes

As compare to male celebrities, there are more female celebrities with green eyes. Female celebrities looks beautiful with green eyes. Most of the Bollywood celebrities undergo surgery to change the color of their eyes. Usually they prefer green color because people look attractive in green color. Amanda seyfried has green colored eyes. Scarlett Johansson, Emma stone, Kate hudson, Kristen Stewart, Hayden panettiere, Catherine (dutches of Cambridge) and elizabeth olsen.

All these celebrities have green eyes which makes them attractive. All of the above mentioned celebrities are ranked in the most attractive and gorgeous celebrities of media industry. Drew Barrymore, Claire dones, Lindsay lohan, Alicia Silverstone, Rooney Mara, Amanda bynes, Julianne Moore, Milla jovovich, Jennifer Connelly, Ann Margret, Keri Russel, Clive Owen and Adele all these celebrities have pure green eyes.

The above mentioned celebrities have light concentration of melanin in their eyes. These celebrities due to their eye color are in the list of most beautiful actress of media industry. Talking about green eyes in Bollywood celebrities, Aishwarya Rai and Karishma Kapoor are the famous celebrities of Bollywood with naturally green eyes. Mostly celebrities in Bollywood industry have undergone surgery to change their eye color to green like Kareena Kapoor.

Male & Female Celebrities With Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome is the chormosomal disturbance in human which inturn effects the development process in women. The most common feature of this syndrome is short height. It can be easily seen at the age of 5. Ovarian functions are lost at the early stage. There may be proper development of ovaries but eggs may die prematurely. Along with this most of the ovarian tissues degenerate right before birth. It is a serious syndrome. Mostly girls does not undergo puberty until they receive hormone therapy. Most of the women with Turner syndrome are infertile and cannot conceive.

Male & Female Celebrities With Turner Syndrome

Male Celebrities With Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome effects females only because the abnormality in X chromosome is seen in Turner syndrome. It does not occur in men. There is another syndrome named noonan syndrome which is considered equivalent to Turner syndrome.

But in Noonan syndrome there is mutation in specific chromosomes but in Turner syndrome the mutation is in sex chromosomes. Turner syndrome cannot effect males as much it effects females. So male celebrities are rare with Turner syndrome. There are two main celebrities reported with Turner syndrome. These celebrities include George Washington is the hero of America and the 1st president of United States of America. George Washington was not a hermaphrodite. He was observed with Klinefelter syndrome.

He was sterile and cannot reproduce. A well known actor Tom cruise was also reported with Klinefelter syndrome. He didn't hide this disease. But there are many reasons which can prove his syndrome. An artist named einar Andrea changed his gender after surgery. And then he named as Lili elbe. Lauren foster was born as a male gender but later on he changes his gender and decided to be the way he is. Likewise there are some more famous celebrities who are reported with Turner syndrome.

Female Celebrities With Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome most commonly effect females. There are many female celebrities who had turner syndrome starting from Wendy Williams woes. She had turner syndrome but she carried on her carrier as an author, actress, television host, radio personality and as fashion designer. Another female celebrity named Towanda braxton. She has strong masculine facial features for which often people ask about her gender. Not only the female celebrities of media industry have turner syndrome but the only wife of 44th president of  America "baraq Obama " have turner syndrome. Her name is Michelle Obama. Another star, Dorothy Marie Jones has asked many times about her gender. She won almost 15 arm wrestling championships.

An athlete named Serena Williams turmoil was reported with Turner syndrome. But this syndrome haven't stopped her from becoming successful in games. She is a tennis star and married. She gave birth to her child. Kristen Stewart a famous actress of Hollywood industry is reported with Turner syndrome. Kristen act more masculine in her relationships with girls. Donatella Versace suffers from Turner's syndrome. She got trapped in to the plastic surgery concept. And then after surgery she started looking more like Val kilmer.

Male & Female Celebrities with Autistic Children/Siblings

Autism spectrum disorder is a complex disorder. It is difficult to handle a child or sibling with autism spectrum disorder. It is a challenging and enriching experience. Autistic children requires proper care and time from their parents and this may effect needs of other children and siblings. So children or siblings with autism should be told about their autism spectrum disorder so they can easily understand their condition which is different from other children or siblings. Parents should ask their children or siblings about their feelings. Autistic children can't write properly like normal children or siblings.

Male & Female Celebrities with Autistic ChildrenSiblings

Male celebrities with autistic children/ siblings

Raising an autistic child or sibling is not an easy task. Autistic children or siblings require proper time and attention. Parents have to pay more attention and care to their autistic kids. There are a lot of celebrities having autism spectrum disorder in their families. Some of the celebrities are continuing their careers along with growing up their children or siblings. In the list of celebrities with autistic children, Sylvester Stallone is on the top of the list. Stallone's son seargeoh suffer from autism at the age of 3 years.

Stallone said "we can't move an autistic child to our world, we just have to be with them in their special world". Another celebrity named Dan Marino have a son named Michael, was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 years. John Travolta and Kelly Preston has a son with autism spectrum disorder. Their son suffer from severe seizures. Doug flutie is another famous celebrity who has a son with autism spectrum disorder. Doug started a foundation for autistic children in honour of their son. Aidan Quinn has a daughter with autistic spectrum disorder. He declared that MMR vaccine have caused this condition.

Female celebrities with autistic children/ siblings

Like male celebrities, there are many female celebrities too who are taking care of their autistic children and siblings. Celebrities taking  care of autistic kids are real legends. Some of the female celebrities are Tony Braxton. She took care of her son with autism spectrum disorder named diezel. She thought that her autistic kid was a revenge by God because she had an abortion before him. Jenny McCarthy is another celebrity with autistic child. She told that her kid had autism spectrum disorder because of vaccination.

Holly Robinson have a kid named Rodney. She told that her kid had autism at the age of three years. She is also running a foundation regarding autistic children. A famous celebrity named Kelly Preston's son has autism. But her son died at the early age of life. Jacqueline laurita who worked in "real housewives of New Jersey" have a son named Nicholas. Nicholas is suffering from autism spectrum disorder. She told about all her struggles her family faced to grow up her son. Like the above mentioned white celebrities, there are many black celebrities too who have autistic children or siblings. These people are real inspiration.

Male & Female Celebrities With Ugly Feet

Ugly feet are the most embarrassing thing people notice in celebrities. Celebrities too have ugly feet. Ugly feet does not mean having a disease or deformity in foot but it's all about the appearance. Some celebrities does not take care of their feet properly and their feet looks ugly. Sometimes celebrities have six fingers than 5 in their feet. Usually weak feet looks ugly. When veins are prominent on feet it does not looks good. People with improper shape of their feet are the celebrities with ugly feet. Sometimes the size of feet also make them ugly.

Male Celebrities With Ugly Feet

Male celebrities with ugly feet are more in number as compare to female celebrities. As women are more conscious about their beauty as compare to men. It is believed that Hollywood celebrities has the ugliest feet. Most of the celebrities with ugly feet prefer fully covered shoes which covers the ugliness of their feet. Shaquille O'Neal is a famous former foot ball player have the ugliest feet. He is the star of kazaam. He corrected his ugly feet with a surgery and then walk confidently bare footed. Kevin Hart also has ugly feet.

He christano ronaldo is an athlete who is famous for his foot ball play. He has ugly feet because of wearing shoes all the time. Xabi alonso is another athlete who have ugly feet. He is also a football player. James hard is an athlete too who has ugly feet. He has some kind of deformity in his feet. Jesus navas has ugly feet too. Usain bolt is an athlete with ugly feet. He is a fast runner in Olympics. We has won many games but his feet are not worth watching. Likewise Ronaldo nazario has ugly feet. Men have ugly feet because they do not pay much attention to their feet.

Male & Female Celebrities With Ugly Feet

Female Celebrities With Ugly Feet

There are many female celebrities with ugly feet. Female celebrities with ugly feet wear covered sandals to hide their ugly feet. Female celebrities with ugly feet include Halle Berry. Halle Berry is counted in the most beautiful celebrities of Hollywood but her feet are ugly. A well known celebrity named Angelina Jolie also has ugly feet. She mostly wear heels to cover up her feet. Eva herzigova is a famous celebrity but has ugly and dull colored feet. Her feet are black in color and looks different than face and hands.

Michelle yeoh is a model with ugly feet. She has thumb turning inside to the feet. Her nails are not attractive. Kim kardishian is a famous actress with healthy looking feet. Her feet looks bulky and cannot fit in any kind of shoes. That's why her feet looks ugly. Sarah Jessica Parker has ugly feet too. Her feet show veins and wrinkles and lines clearly. Likewise  Jennifer Anniston has ugly feet. Kate hudson, a famous actress of Hollywood industry has ugly feet. Shilpa Shetty, diva of Bollywood industry has ugly feet as well.

Male & Female Celebrities With Hooded Eyes

Eyes which does not have defined brow bone are known as hooded eyes. Basically when there is extra layer of skin which falls on the crease of eye, it covers the eye. This extra layer of skin leads to hooded eyes. The eyelid looks smaller in size. Hooded eyes does not have systemic symptoms. Surgery is performed to correct hooded eyes. Blepharoplasty is the name of surgery. Sometimes there is a medical condition behind hooded eyes, so surgical correction is not appropriate. Usually it is inherited from parents to their offsprings. There are no secondary causes.

Male Celebrities With Hooded Eyes

Male celebrities with hooded eyes are considered more attractive than with simple looking eyes. All the handsome celebrities of Bollywood and Hollywood have hooded eyes. As in the case of famous actor named Robert patinson. Celebrities with hooded eyes consider themselves lucky as hooded eyes makes them more attractive. Tylor lautner also have hooded eyes which makes him attractive. Another famous male celebrity named Leonardo DiCaprio has hooded eyes. Benicio del toro has hooded eyes. Other than these, a famous comedian named Mr. Bean also have hooded eyes. Men have hooded eyes but not commonly.

Female Celebrities With Hooded Eyes

There are many famous female celebrities with hooded eyes. In both Bollywood and Hollywood, actresses with hooded eyes are considered more beautiful as compare to celebrities with up lifted eyes. Taylor swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Blake lively, Emily vancamp, leelee sobieski, Kristen dunst, Julia stiles, Giselle bundchen, Eva green, Malin akerman, franka potente, Selma blair, Claudia schiffer, Cate blenchett, Renee zellweger, Paulina porizkova, Laura linney and many other celebrities.

These celebrities feel proud having hooded eyes, they does not prefer surgical correction because hooded eyes makes their personalities more attractive. Women use less make up with hooded eyes.

Male & Female Celebrities With Hooded Eyes

Celebrities With Hooded Deep Set Eyes

Celebrities usually have deep set hooded eyes and these eyes looks attractive. Following celebrities have deep set hooded eyes. Taylor lautner, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor swift, Blake lively, Robert patinson, Emily vancamp, leelee sobieski, Kristen dunst, Julia stiles, Giselle bundchen, Eva green, Malin akerman, franka potente, Selma blair, Leonardo DiCaprio, Claudia schiffer, Cate blenchett, Renee zellweger, benicio del toro, Paulina porizkova, Laura linney, Helen hunt, Jodie foster, Ellen barkin, Judi dench and Hellen miren. All these celebrities are the famous celebrities with hooded eyes. Their deep set hooded eyes makes them popular.

Black Celebrities With Hooded Eyes

As compare to English people, black people more commonly have hooded eyes. Black celebrities are the most attractive people in media industry. Along with their hooded eyes, their complexion makes them more beautiful. Some of the famous celebrities with hooded eyes are taye diggs, laz Alonso, hill Harper, Boris kodjoe, shemar Moore, Terrence Howard. These were the male celebrities, now some of the famous female celebrities with hooded eyes are Serena Williams, Solange, viola Davis, Oprah Winfrey, Laila Ali, lupita nyong'o, Naomi Campbell and many more. Some of the celebrities have undergone surgery to correct hooded eyes.

Male & Female Celebrities With Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth are basically misaligned teeth. When mouth is small in size and does not fit all teeth in an aligned way, then teeth try to fix them by over lapping. And this overlapping leads to crooked or misaligned teeth. Sometimes the upper and lower jaw are not the same size due to malformation. If the protrusion of upper jaw is excessive, then it may result in over bite. But if lower jaw show excessive protrusion, then it may result in under bite. Usually crooked teeth are inherited from parents to their offsprings but there are also some secondary causes.

Male & Female Celebrities With Crooked Teeth

Male Celebrities with Crooked Teeth

Teeth are an important part of personality that's why many celebrities are worried about their teeth. Alighned teeth are attractive as compare to misaligned teeth. So many celebrities have undergone dental surgery to align their teeth. Some of the famous celebrities with crooked teeth are Morgan Freeman, Ricky gervais, Daniel Radcliffe, Lindsay lohan, Zac efron, Tom cruise, Steve buscemi, Mike Tyson, John heder, Elliot yamin and many more. These celebrities have surely undergone dental surgery for perfect looking teeth. It is observed that crooked teeth are more common in men as compare to women.

Female Celebrities with Crooked Teeth

Along with men, there Are also many female celebrities who have crooked teeth and have undergone or looking for dental surgery. Aligned teeth gives them confidence to smile in public. Female celebrities are more conscious about their beauty, so they pay more attention to them. Some of the famous female celebrities with crooked teeth are Kristen dunst, Madonna, Hillary Duff, Amy winehouse, Avril Lavigne, jewel, Hillary and many other celebrities. These celebrities have corrected their teeth with surgery. Mostly celebrities are not willing to show about their crooked teeth but there are some celebrities too who proudly show their misaligned teeth.

Celebrities with Crooked Bottom Teeth

There are a lot of celebrities who feel comfortable with their crooked teeth. Mostly celebrities have crooked front teeth but some of the celebrities have crooked bottom teeth. So celebrities with crooked bottom teeth are Katy Perry, gotye, Avril Lavigne, Keira Knightley, will Ferrell, Madonna and some other celebrities. Celebrities with crooked bottom teeth are less in number as compare to celebrities with crooked front teeth. Usually celebrities with crooked bottom teeth does not require surgery because their upper jaw is in good alignment and their lower jaw does not show up while smiling or laughing.

Celebrities with Crooked Front Teeth

Celebrities with crooked front teeth are more in number. These celebrities include Steve buscemi, Morgan Freeman, Mike Tyson, Woody harrelson, Ricky gervais, jewel, Kristen dunst, seal, Anna paquin, Jon heder, Vanessa paradis, Georgia may jagger, Lara stone and many other celebrities. Crooked front teeth requires surgery for the alignment because upper front teeth show up whenever person smile or laugh. Misaligned teeth does not look good and mostly people does not feel comfortable with these crooked teeth. So surgical correction of teeth is necessary for good looks.

Male & Female Celebrities With Dentures

Dentures are the replacement of missing teeth in jaw line. It is removable. As it can easily be taken out of mouth and can be placed easily back to mouth. People need time to get used to it and it feels artificial not natural. Now a days dentures look more natural and comfortable. Dentures are of two types i.e. full and partial. Dentures are selected according to the requirement of patient. Full dentures have an acrylic flesh colored base which is attached to them and help in proper fixation. There are two main types of full dentures i.e. immediate dentures and conventional dentures.

Male Celebrities with Dentures

Teeth are an important part in developing our personality. So celebrities focus on their teeth keenly. Most of the patients have gone through dental surgery and fixed fake dentures. But here are some male celebrities who are using dentures. These male celebrities are ben Affleck, George Washington, Winston Churchill, Clark gable, Jon bon jovi, Joe Biden, Lou reed, Ed McMahon and many more. Most of the celebrities with dentures are old or have some dental problems. Dentures make their personality more attractive. Full dentures are preferred as compare to partial dentures.

Male & Female Celebrities With Dentures

Female Celebrities with Dentures

There are a lot of female celebrities who are using dentures because women are more conscious about their look as compare to men. But celebrities are celebrities no matter male or female. So the female celebrities with dentures are Florence Henderson, Emma Watson, Nicole polizzi, Janice Dickinson, Hilary duff, Victoria beckham, Cheryl Fernandez versini, tulisa, Catherine zeta jones, Jennifer garner, demi Moore, Celine Dion and many more. Female celebrities with dentures are more in number as compare to male celebrities. Most of the female celebrities prefer removable dentures instead of dental surgery because it has less complications and easy to use.

Celebrities with Full Dentures

Usually celebrities prefer full dentures if their dental condition is affecting most of the teeth on jaw line. Full dentures are easy to wear and remove. As full dentures covers the upper palate of mouth and covers the whole jaw bone. Celebrities using full dentures include tom cruise, Hilary duff, George Clooney, Victoria beckham, Courtney love, Chris rock, Winston Churchill, ben Affleck, 50 cent, Jim Carrey, Catherine zeta jones, Nicolas cage and many more. Full dentures used by celebrities are usually conventional but some of the celebrities does not feel comfortable so they prefer immediate dentures.

Celebrities with Partial Dentures

There are a lot of celebrities with minor dental issues so they wear partial dentures. Partial dentures include 2 to 3 teeth and sometimes 4. Partial dentures are sometimes not comfortable because these can cause irritation and scars due to friction. Celebrities with partial dentures may include Gary busy, Cheryl Fernandez versini, tom cruise and many other celebrities. These celebrities have dental issue with 1 or 2 teeth so they prefer partial dentures. There are a lot of celebrities who still hide the truth about using dentures because they want them to look real.

Male & Female Celebrities With Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are long narrow striations or streaks which appear on skin surface. Stretch marks are most common and appear on body of almost every person. Stretch marks appear when body suddenly stretch like at the time of puberty. Stretch marks commonly affect women as compare to men. The common body parts involved are stomach, lower back, breasts, thighs, hips and underarms. Stretch marks are basically the scars which become permanent when skin cannot get back to its original shape after intense growth. It usually occurs after pregnancy, puberty, weight loss and weight gain. Almost 50 percent of women face problem of stretch marks after pregnancy.

Male & Female Celebrities With Stretch Marks

Male Celebrities with Stretch Marks

Male celebrities who are interested in body building and are gym lovers usually develop stretch marks on body. Male celebrities usually hide their stretch marks by wearing make up on them or using some oils. A famous celebrity named Hugh jack man who worked as a wolverine in Hollywood movie X-men willingly showed his stretch marks in movie. He inspired various other stars of media industry to show their stretch marks. Other celebrities who are willing to show their stretch marks are siddharth Malhotra, Ryan roschke, john dumelo and many more.

Female Celebrities with Stretch Marks

As compare to men, women are more conscious about their stretch marks. So there are various female celebrities who have undergone surgery or finding some kind of treatment for stretch marks. But there are also some female celebrities who are okay with their stretch marks. Some of the celebrities are Halle berry, Cindy Crawford, lady gaga, Britney spears, Victoria beckham, Jessica alba, Shakira, scarlet Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Julia Roberts, Kate winslet, Katie Holmes, Kendra Wilkinson, Jennifer Lopez, Reese wither spoon, Mariah carey, Jennifer Hudson, demi Moore, Kate moss and many more.

Celebrities with Stretch Marks on Stomach

Stomach is the most common site for stretch marks. These usually occur in celebrities who get pregnant or gain weight suddenly. Stretch marks on belly are more common in women as compare to men. So female celebrities with stretch marks on belly are Ashley graham, Chrissy teigen, demi lovato, Denis bidot, Rihanna, Reese wither spoon, lady gaga, Jennifer Lopez, drew Barrymore and many more. Most of the celebrities among them have stretch marks on belly due to pregnancy. As mostly women also gain weight after pregnancy so it is also a main cause of stretch marks on belly.

Celebrities with Stretch Marks on Legs

Most of the female celebrities have stretch marks on thighs because of weight gain and pregnancy. Some of the celebrities embrace their stretch marks and would not mind showing them in public. These celebrities are Kelly Clarkson, Chrissy teigen, Chrissy, Ashley graham, Kim Kardashian, LenaDunham, Jessica alba, Cindy Crawford, Sandra bullock, Kate winslet, demi lovato, AmySchumer and many more. Other than these, here are some male celebrities and wrestlers who have stretch marks on their bodies. These celebrities are Hugh jack man and a Bollywood star siddharth Malhotra.

Male & Female Celebrities with Herpes Simplex 1 & 2

Herpes is an infection which usually affects mucosal surfaces, anal region, external genitalia and skin of different parts of body. It is named as herpes because its causative agent is herpes simplex virus. It is a long term infection. Patient may carry this specific virus in his body and may show up later in life. It is asymptomatic at early stages and the usual symptoms on its appearance include pain, blisters, cold sores, irritation and vaginal discharge. Symptoms may appear according to the site of occurrence. There isn’t a proper cure for herpes, but can be treated with some medications and some home remedies.

Male & Female Celebrities with Herpes Simplex 1 & 2

Male Celebrities with herpes Simplex 1

There are two main types of herpes simplex virus i.e. 1 and 2. Herpes simplex 1 is specified for oral herpes. Herpes simplex 1 can easily be diagnosed as cold sores around the mouth and behind lips. These are highly contagious and can spread via sexual interaction with partner. So here are some famous celebrities with herpes simplex 1. Cliff Robinson, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, robin Williams, David beckham, Chris brown, brad Pitt, and usher. All the above mentioned celebrities are rumored to be affected with herpes simplex 1.

Female Celebrities with Herpes Simplex 2

There are rumors that there are more female celebrities with herpes simplex 2 as compare to male celebrities because oral sexual interaction is considered the most common cause behind cold sores and warts around mouth. So here is the list of some female celebrities with herpes simplex 2. Jessica alba is on the top of the list, Paris Hilton, Britney spears, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Jessica Biel, Pamela Anderson, Mariah carey, Katie Holmes, Kate moss, Victoria beckham, jordana Brewster, Janet Jackson, Hannah jeter, Adriana lima, MaryKateOlsen, Vanessa minnillo, Sheryl crow and many more.

Celebrities with Oral Herpes

Oral herpes is basically the herpes simplex type 1 and also known as cold sores, herpes labialis and fever blisters. It is more common as compare to herpes simplex type 2. It is a viral condition which may occur on its own or it may be secondary to herpes simplex type 2. Here are some celebrities (both male and female) who are rumored to have herpes simplex type 1 or oral herpes. These celebrities are brad pitt, Britney spears, Kate moss, Janet Jackson, Pamela Anderson, Chris brown, Michael Jackson, usher, cliff Robinson, David beckham and many more.

Celebrities with Herpes on Other areas

Other than mouth and genital organs, herpes simplex can spread to other parts of body too. It can spread fast even on slight touching. It can easily spread through kissing and touching cold sores around mouth and around genitals. Usually it appears around mouth, nose, buttocks and genital regions but rarely, it can occur on hands and other parts of body. Some of the celebrities with herpes on other parts of body include Anne heche, Derek jeter, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Britney spear, the beckham, robin Williams, Janet Jackson, and Michael Vick.