Male & Female Celebrities With Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth are basically misaligned teeth. When mouth is small in size and does not fit all teeth in an aligned way, then teeth try to fix them by over lapping. And this overlapping leads to crooked or misaligned teeth. Sometimes the upper and lower jaw are not the same size due to malformation. If the protrusion of upper jaw is excessive, then it may result in over bite. But if lower jaw show excessive protrusion, then it may result in under bite. Usually crooked teeth are inherited from parents to their offsprings but there are also some secondary causes.

Male & Female Celebrities With Crooked Teeth

Male Celebrities with Crooked Teeth

Teeth are an important part of personality that's why many celebrities are worried about their teeth. Alighned teeth are attractive as compare to misaligned teeth. So many celebrities have undergone dental surgery to align their teeth. Some of the famous celebrities with crooked teeth are Morgan Freeman, Ricky gervais, Daniel Radcliffe, Lindsay lohan, Zac efron, Tom cruise, Steve buscemi, Mike Tyson, John heder, Elliot yamin and many more. These celebrities have surely undergone dental surgery for perfect looking teeth. It is observed that crooked teeth are more common in men as compare to women.

Female Celebrities with Crooked Teeth

Along with men, there Are also many female celebrities who have crooked teeth and have undergone or looking for dental surgery. Aligned teeth gives them confidence to smile in public. Female celebrities are more conscious about their beauty, so they pay more attention to them. Some of the famous female celebrities with crooked teeth are Kristen dunst, Madonna, Hillary Duff, Amy winehouse, Avril Lavigne, jewel, Hillary and many other celebrities. These celebrities have corrected their teeth with surgery. Mostly celebrities are not willing to show about their crooked teeth but there are some celebrities too who proudly show their misaligned teeth.

Celebrities with Crooked Bottom Teeth

There are a lot of celebrities who feel comfortable with their crooked teeth. Mostly celebrities have crooked front teeth but some of the celebrities have crooked bottom teeth. So celebrities with crooked bottom teeth are Katy Perry, gotye, Avril Lavigne, Keira Knightley, will Ferrell, Madonna and some other celebrities. Celebrities with crooked bottom teeth are less in number as compare to celebrities with crooked front teeth. Usually celebrities with crooked bottom teeth does not require surgery because their upper jaw is in good alignment and their lower jaw does not show up while smiling or laughing.

Celebrities with Crooked Front Teeth

Celebrities with crooked front teeth are more in number. These celebrities include Steve buscemi, Morgan Freeman, Mike Tyson, Woody harrelson, Ricky gervais, jewel, Kristen dunst, seal, Anna paquin, Jon heder, Vanessa paradis, Georgia may jagger, Lara stone and many other celebrities. Crooked front teeth requires surgery for the alignment because upper front teeth show up whenever person smile or laugh. Misaligned teeth does not look good and mostly people does not feel comfortable with these crooked teeth. So surgical correction of teeth is necessary for good looks.

Male & Female Celebrities With Dentures

Dentures are the replacement of missing teeth in jaw line. It is removable. As it can easily be taken out of mouth and can be placed easily back to mouth. People need time to get used to it and it feels artificial not natural. Now a days dentures look more natural and comfortable. Dentures are of two types i.e. full and partial. Dentures are selected according to the requirement of patient. Full dentures have an acrylic flesh colored base which is attached to them and help in proper fixation. There are two main types of full dentures i.e. immediate dentures and conventional dentures.

Male Celebrities with Dentures

Teeth are an important part in developing our personality. So celebrities focus on their teeth keenly. Most of the patients have gone through dental surgery and fixed fake dentures. But here are some male celebrities who are using dentures. These male celebrities are ben Affleck, George Washington, Winston Churchill, Clark gable, Jon bon jovi, Joe Biden, Lou reed, Ed McMahon and many more. Most of the celebrities with dentures are old or have some dental problems. Dentures make their personality more attractive. Full dentures are preferred as compare to partial dentures.

Male & Female Celebrities With Dentures

Female Celebrities with Dentures

There are a lot of female celebrities who are using dentures because women are more conscious about their look as compare to men. But celebrities are celebrities no matter male or female. So the female celebrities with dentures are Florence Henderson, Emma Watson, Nicole polizzi, Janice Dickinson, Hilary duff, Victoria beckham, Cheryl Fernandez versini, tulisa, Catherine zeta jones, Jennifer garner, demi Moore, Celine Dion and many more. Female celebrities with dentures are more in number as compare to male celebrities. Most of the female celebrities prefer removable dentures instead of dental surgery because it has less complications and easy to use.

Celebrities with Full Dentures

Usually celebrities prefer full dentures if their dental condition is affecting most of the teeth on jaw line. Full dentures are easy to wear and remove. As full dentures covers the upper palate of mouth and covers the whole jaw bone. Celebrities using full dentures include tom cruise, Hilary duff, George Clooney, Victoria beckham, Courtney love, Chris rock, Winston Churchill, ben Affleck, 50 cent, Jim Carrey, Catherine zeta jones, Nicolas cage and many more. Full dentures used by celebrities are usually conventional but some of the celebrities does not feel comfortable so they prefer immediate dentures.

Celebrities with Partial Dentures

There are a lot of celebrities with minor dental issues so they wear partial dentures. Partial dentures include 2 to 3 teeth and sometimes 4. Partial dentures are sometimes not comfortable because these can cause irritation and scars due to friction. Celebrities with partial dentures may include Gary busy, Cheryl Fernandez versini, tom cruise and many other celebrities. These celebrities have dental issue with 1 or 2 teeth so they prefer partial dentures. There are a lot of celebrities who still hide the truth about using dentures because they want them to look real.

Male & Female Celebrities With Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are long narrow striations or streaks which appear on skin surface. Stretch marks are most common and appear on body of almost every person. Stretch marks appear when body suddenly stretch like at the time of puberty. Stretch marks commonly affect women as compare to men. The common body parts involved are stomach, lower back, breasts, thighs, hips and underarms. Stretch marks are basically the scars which become permanent when skin cannot get back to its original shape after intense growth. It usually occurs after pregnancy, puberty, weight loss and weight gain. Almost 50 percent of women face problem of stretch marks after pregnancy.

Male & Female Celebrities With Stretch Marks

Male Celebrities with Stretch Marks

Male celebrities who are interested in body building and are gym lovers usually develop stretch marks on body. Male celebrities usually hide their stretch marks by wearing make up on them or using some oils. A famous celebrity named Hugh jack man who worked as a wolverine in Hollywood movie X-men willingly showed his stretch marks in movie. He inspired various other stars of media industry to show their stretch marks. Other celebrities who are willing to show their stretch marks are siddharth Malhotra, Ryan roschke, john dumelo and many more.

Female Celebrities with Stretch Marks

As compare to men, women are more conscious about their stretch marks. So there are various female celebrities who have undergone surgery or finding some kind of treatment for stretch marks. But there are also some female celebrities who are okay with their stretch marks. Some of the celebrities are Halle berry, Cindy Crawford, lady gaga, Britney spears, Victoria beckham, Jessica alba, Shakira, scarlet Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Julia Roberts, Kate winslet, Katie Holmes, Kendra Wilkinson, Jennifer Lopez, Reese wither spoon, Mariah carey, Jennifer Hudson, demi Moore, Kate moss and many more.

Celebrities with Stretch Marks on Stomach

Stomach is the most common site for stretch marks. These usually occur in celebrities who get pregnant or gain weight suddenly. Stretch marks on belly are more common in women as compare to men. So female celebrities with stretch marks on belly are Ashley graham, Chrissy teigen, demi lovato, Denis bidot, Rihanna, Reese wither spoon, lady gaga, Jennifer Lopez, drew Barrymore and many more. Most of the celebrities among them have stretch marks on belly due to pregnancy. As mostly women also gain weight after pregnancy so it is also a main cause of stretch marks on belly.

Celebrities with Stretch Marks on Legs

Most of the female celebrities have stretch marks on thighs because of weight gain and pregnancy. Some of the celebrities embrace their stretch marks and would not mind showing them in public. These celebrities are Kelly Clarkson, Chrissy teigen, Chrissy, Ashley graham, Kim Kardashian, LenaDunham, Jessica alba, Cindy Crawford, Sandra bullock, Kate winslet, demi lovato, AmySchumer and many more. Other than these, here are some male celebrities and wrestlers who have stretch marks on their bodies. These celebrities are Hugh jack man and a Bollywood star siddharth Malhotra.

Male & Female Celebrities with Herpes Simplex 1 & 2

Herpes is an infection which usually affects mucosal surfaces, anal region, external genitalia and skin of different parts of body. It is named as herpes because its causative agent is herpes simplex virus. It is a long term infection. Patient may carry this specific virus in his body and may show up later in life. It is asymptomatic at early stages and the usual symptoms on its appearance include pain, blisters, cold sores, irritation and vaginal discharge. Symptoms may appear according to the site of occurrence. There isn’t a proper cure for herpes, but can be treated with some medications and some home remedies.

Male & Female Celebrities with Herpes Simplex 1 & 2

Male Celebrities with herpes Simplex 1

There are two main types of herpes simplex virus i.e. 1 and 2. Herpes simplex 1 is specified for oral herpes. Herpes simplex 1 can easily be diagnosed as cold sores around the mouth and behind lips. These are highly contagious and can spread via sexual interaction with partner. So here are some famous celebrities with herpes simplex 1. Cliff Robinson, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, robin Williams, David beckham, Chris brown, brad Pitt, and usher. All the above mentioned celebrities are rumored to be affected with herpes simplex 1.

Female Celebrities with Herpes Simplex 2

There are rumors that there are more female celebrities with herpes simplex 2 as compare to male celebrities because oral sexual interaction is considered the most common cause behind cold sores and warts around mouth. So here is the list of some female celebrities with herpes simplex 2. Jessica alba is on the top of the list, Paris Hilton, Britney spears, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Jessica Biel, Pamela Anderson, Mariah carey, Katie Holmes, Kate moss, Victoria beckham, jordana Brewster, Janet Jackson, Hannah jeter, Adriana lima, MaryKateOlsen, Vanessa minnillo, Sheryl crow and many more.

Celebrities with Oral Herpes

Oral herpes is basically the herpes simplex type 1 and also known as cold sores, herpes labialis and fever blisters. It is more common as compare to herpes simplex type 2. It is a viral condition which may occur on its own or it may be secondary to herpes simplex type 2. Here are some celebrities (both male and female) who are rumored to have herpes simplex type 1 or oral herpes. These celebrities are brad pitt, Britney spears, Kate moss, Janet Jackson, Pamela Anderson, Chris brown, Michael Jackson, usher, cliff Robinson, David beckham and many more.

Celebrities with Herpes on Other areas

Other than mouth and genital organs, herpes simplex can spread to other parts of body too. It can spread fast even on slight touching. It can easily spread through kissing and touching cold sores around mouth and around genitals. Usually it appears around mouth, nose, buttocks and genital regions but rarely, it can occur on hands and other parts of body. Some of the celebrities with herpes on other parts of body include Anne heche, Derek jeter, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Britney spear, the beckham, robin Williams, Janet Jackson, and Michael Vick.

Mucoperiosteal Flap Types, Procedure, Design, Elevation

Mucoperiosteal flap is a membrane type covering or flap which consist of skin specially involving subcutaneous tissue. It also consist of a pedicle  which is made up of nutrient vessel. Mucoperiosteal flap is defined as a separate section of oral mucosal line, gingiva and underlying periosteum helping in periodontal surgery. It is also of great help in tooth extraction technique. The formation of mucoperiosteal flap is considered necessary or essential in case if minor oral surgeries. Some of the minor oral surgeries include enucleation of cystic lesions, impacted teeth and apicectomy.

During oral surgeries, it is the basic principle to make everything in oral cavity visible. This is so because, it avoids possible complications with the adjacent tissues or organs. This flap is designed for the purpose of good surgical exposure. When the incision of flap is planned, the destruction of normal epithelial lining attached to it should be avoided. There are various techniques designed but most of them are forgotten. Some if the techniques are useful in case if patients facing unusual complications. So it is concluded that mucoperiosteal flap formation is necessary during minor oral surgeries. It makes the surgery easier and more convenient for both patient and surgeon.

Mucoperiosteal Flap Types, Procedure, Design, Elevation

Mucoperiosteal Flap Procedure

Mucoperiosteal flap can be created with the help of simpler tools. The site where surgery is required , a small incision is made which should be at least 0.5 to 1mm away from gingival line. Now the flap is elevated or removed from the site. Now the inner structure is clear and visible to the surgeon. The incision made should be circular. The granulation tissues are removed. After completing surgery, the flap is placed again to its original position and fix it permanently. This is a simple procedure but it is also the most helpful one.

Mucoperiosteal Flap Design & Types

On the basis of design of mucoperiosteal flap, it is divided in to it's types. Its types are

  • Envelop /sulcular flap It is edentulous and it is created at the crest of the ridge and for the removal of mandibular torus.
  • Tooth anterior and tooth posterior. According to the site.
  • Pedicle Flap. It mobilizes from one area to another with a filling of soft tissue in defect. The oroantral communications are closed.
  • Semilunar Incision. It approach the root apex. It is useful for Peri epical surgery. It avoids trauma to the papilae and gingival margin.

Mucoperiosteal Flap Elevation

The elevation of mucoperiosteal flap is considered important in case of movement if teeth. When the heavy full thickness mucoperiosteal flap is elevated, it ultimately increases the risk of increased movement of teeth. The movement of teeth may increases up to 24 to 31 percent. Due to elevation of mucoperiosteal flap, the bone volume fraction also decreases. The density of mandibular bone in the surgical area also decreases. This allows the acceleration of tooth movement. So to avoid these complications, a thin mucoperiosteal flap should be elevated to have a clear view for the surgery. And proper care is required for that purpose.

Fascioplasty Definition, Procedure, Complications, Indications

Fascioplasty as the name indicates is the surgical procedure in which the fascia is surgically improved. Fascioplasty depends upon the location of fascia in body. Basically fascia is the sheet of connective tissues i.e. collagen. It is present just beneath the skin and it's main function is to provide stabilization and attachment. It's main function is to separate vital organs from muscles. Fascia has three main layers I.e. superficial fascia, deep fascia and visceral or parietal fascia. It is also classified on the basis of anatomical and functional location. Fascioplasty is like plastic surgery and moulding or shaping of skin.

There is a term fasciotomy which is different from fascioplasty. In fasciotomy small cuts or incisions are made on skin to release pressure And relief tension but fascioplasty is the complete moulding of skin. Fascioplasty can be performed for any part of body. Fascia is located in between the layers of muscles and around muscles. And there Are some techniques which are used to repair muscles. One of which is myoplasty. Myoplasty is the surgical procedure to mould and repair muscles surgically. Fascioplasty is performed only in case of burnt skin or any other severe skin disease which cannot be repaired with the help of medications.

Fascioplasty Definition, Procedure, Complications, Indications

Fascioplasty Procedure

Fascioplasty is performed to improve the fascia of skin. Fascia is an important part of skin which has a major function of differentiating organs from muscles. In fascioplasty, the desired region is sprayed with local anesthesia. Then the damaged or burnt skin is removed with the help of surgical instruments. It should not be removed with the hands directly. For the removal of damaged fascia, incision is made. Incision or small cut make the removal easier. Then the affected site is replaced with an artificial fascia which looks natural.

Fascioplasty Contraindications

Fascioplasty is contraindicated in a condition named arthrolysis of the elbow. In this condition, fascioplasty would be of no help. Other than this, in reconstruction of the collateral ligaments, fascioplasty cannot be performed. Fascioplasty is a simple surgical procedure and is only performed when medications are of no use anymore. Fascioplasty is performed in about every severe situation of skin and muscles except the above mentioned two conditions. Fascioplasty is contraindicated in case of cancerous condition. Because fascioplasty in skin cancer is not possible and cancerous cells may spread. The cells become malignant and then become un-treatable for patient.

Fascioplasty Indications

Fascioplasty is the surgical moulding or repair of damaged fascia. It is the plastic surgery of skin and muscles which may get burn or undergo severe injury. Muscles or fascia which got damage during an accident also require fascioplasty. Fascioplasty is the last option for fascia recovery. Medications are first tried for the purpose of recovery. Fascioplasty is performed to change the structure of the muscles. As main functions of fascia is to separate organs from muscles, that's why surgery is important. Fascioplasty can also be performed after delivery of a baby, specially after C section delivery.

Waiter's Tip Deformity Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Waiter's tip deformity is another name of Erb's palsy or Erb duchenne palsy. It is the paralysis of arm due to the injury in upper group of nerves of shoulder. The veins of the upper trunk i.e. C5 - C6 nerves got severe. These nerves collectively forms the brachial plexus which consist of ventral Rami of spinal nerves i.e. C5 - C8 and thoracic nerve i.e. T1. The injuries of above mentioned nerves may arise from shoulder dystocia during difficult baby birth. In Erb duchenne palsy, paralysis may resolve on it's own after a few months of period.

Sometimes it needs a rehabilitation therapy or surgery (according to the severity of Erb duchenne palsy). Waiter's tip deformity may be partial or complete. Whenever a single nerve got damage, the damage starts from bruising to tearing. The most common nerve involved in waiter's tip is C5. This condition is called as Erb duchenne palsy because the junction of C5 and C6 roots is known as Erb's point. Erb duchenne palsy is also presented as a lower motor neuron syndrome which is mainly associated with disturbances in sensibility and vegetative phenomenon. Musculoskeletal nerves, suprascapular nerves and the axillary nerve are mainly involved in waiter's tip.

Waiter's Tip Deformity Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Waiter's Tip Symptoms

The main symptom of waiter's tip is pain in upper region of shoulder.  Basically waiter's tip is the main symptom of Erb duchenne palsy. Waiter's tip is the loss of lateral rotators of shoulder, hand extensor muscles, flexors and arm. The main symptoms include hanging of arm by the side and is medially rotated. The wrist is flexed and forearm is extended and pronated. Patient can't feel any sensation in the lateral aspect of forearm. The power of flexion at elbow got lost and patient cannot move his arm upward from side ways.

Waiter's Tip Causes

Basically waiter's tip is the main symptom of Erb duchenne palsy, so the causes of Erb duchenne palsy are considered the causes for waiter's tip. Dystocia is considered the most common cause of waiter's tip. Dystocia is the difficult or abnormal child birth or labor. It can be described with an example during labor, when the head and neck of infant is pulled towards side , at the same time, the shoulders pass through birth canal. It can also occur due to excessive pulling of shoulders during delivery of fetus with head first out.

Waiter's Tip Treatment

If it occurs during child birth, then it can resolve on it's own after a time if few months. But those babies who does not recover on their own may require special intervention. Paediatric or neonatal surgery is performed for the repair of avulsion fracture. Sometimes when the lesions heal with the passage of time, the function of shoulder returns. Physiotherapy is an important treatment strategy which helps a lot in regaining proper functioning of shoulder. The range of motion of shoulder in children may receiver within one year of their birth. It it took more than 1 year, then surgery becomes necessary.

Balanced Anesthesia Definition, Components, Technique, Protocol

Balanced anesthesia is the combination of drugs used to depress central nervous system. The combination of these drugs enhance the positive aspects of all drugs. When all the neuro depressant drugs combined it gives more efficient result and along with this, the disadvantages of these drugs reduces to nothing. The drugs used are combined in a minute quantity to control the dosage. The smaller doses of more than one drug with same result is considered more effective and safer as compared to larger dose of a single drug. The drugs which are combined may be of different specific effects like amnesia, unconsciousness, analgesia and muscle relaxation.

Basically balanced anesthesia consist of preoperative medications like cholinergic drugs. Cholinergic drugs are used to decrease the secretions of body. These drugs helps a lot in intubation and control bradycardia which is associated with neural depression. Other than cholinergic drugs, sedative and hypnotics are also used to relax patient. Sedatives also facilitate amnesia. Other than these anti emetics and antihistamines are used. There is a fixed proportion of doses of these drugs, which should not be changed, as changing this dosage proportion may change the effectiveness of balanced anesthesia.

Balanced Anesthesia Definition, Components, Technique, Protocol

Balanced Anesthesia Components

The basic components of balanced anesthesia include amnesia, unconsciousness and analgesia. Amnesia is the loss of memory and pain or distress. Analgesia is the pain relief. Other than these, muscle relaxation, reversibility and diminished motor response towards noxious stimuli are also the basic components if balanced anesthesia. These are the main classes of drugs and any drug of these class can be used in proportion to other drugs. The quantity of these drugs should be managed according to the condition of patient. The effectiveness of these drugs enhance when combined together with a visible reduction in disadvantages.

Balanced Anesthesia Technique

Balanced anesthesia is injected to patients in a same way as general anesthesia is injected. The technique used is named as rapid sequence induction. Basically fantanyl is used as an anesthetic in balanced anesthesia. Patient is preoxygenated for almost 1 to 3 minutes. The intravenous injection should not be followed by mask ventilation. The potential risk associated with rapid sequence induction is the loss of airway. Preventilation is necessary for oxygen richness in patient. As this will reduce the risks of rapid sequence induction. Close monitoring is required for the introduction of balanced anesthesia in patient.

Balanced Anesthesia Protocol

Balanced anesthesia is basically a name given to drug protocols designed to facilitate patient in every phase of anesthesia. It is first tested in small animals. These phases start from preoperative analgesia and sedation and pass through surgical anesthesia up to recovery. Small doses of drugs are used to avoid the over dependence of one drug used for anesthetic purpose. As the beneficial aspects increases while combining these drugs. It also reduces the side effects of drugs along with the disadvantages of these drugs. It is found convenient and more effective as compare to single drug used in anesthesia.

Prostatolith Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Prostatolith is a condition in which concrete is formed in the prostate gland. This concretion may consist of calcium carbonate and phosphate. Corpora amylacea is the synonym of prostatolith. Basically corpora amylacea is the concretion. This concretion may result from accumulation of degenerative cell of body or accumulation of thickened secretions. The chances of calcretion are higher with the passage of age. There are higher chances of perfusion in case of neurodegerative diseases. Prostate gland is associated with male reproductive system. It is responsible for production of prostate fluid in men which is the main component of semen. Mostly middle aged men are affected.

Due to accumulation of concrete in the prostate gland, the muscles of prostate gland does not work properly. it sticks to the sides and passes on to the urethra and blocks it. These concretions may prove harmful for the reproductive system of patient. It may occur due to many reasons and leads to various complications in patient. Prostatic hyperplasia is the biggest complication of prostatolith. It is not a common condition. Patients with prostatolith may suffer from sexual difficulties like erectile dysfunction, infertility and many more. Age is the biggest factor affecting occurrence of prostatolith.

Prostatolith Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Prostatolith Symptoms

Prostatolith is a rare condition associated with reproductive system of men. So, all the symptoms are associated with sexual activity of patient. There may be unusual discharge from urethra. Sometimes Urethra becomes inflamed. Other main symptoms include dribbling, disturbance in frequency of urination. Patient feels pain during urination. There may be burning sensation in the the bladder while urination. Patient face difficulty in starting urination.

Prostatolith Causes

Talking about the causes of deposition of concrete in prostate gland, there are various reasons reported. The concrete consists of calcium carbonate and phosphate. This deposition of concrete may occur due to degenerative cells and deposition of thickened secretions. Age is another factor contributing towards its occurrence. The excess calcium carbonate and phosphate from body secretions start accumulating in the prostate gland and leads to heavy deposition of concrete. This concrete leads to further complications in body. Prostatolith is a rare condition but prove dangerous for patient. Patients with neurodegenerative diseases are at higher risk to prostatolith occurrence.

Prostatolith Treatment

prostatolith leads to prostatic hyperplasia and this condition needs treatment. There are some medications which are used to relax the muscles of prostate gland. The walls of prostate gland have deposits of concrete on them which makes the path of urethra narrow and cause difficulty in passing urine through urethra. Alpha blockers are used to relax muscles of prostate gland. These medications cant treat prostatolith but can control the symptoms generating through it. treatment of prostatolith is important. Some medications are prescribed to relief pain and for the thinning of thick secretions. As these secretions are responsible for causing concretion in prostate gland.

Nasophilia Meaning, Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Nasophilia is defined as partialism for the nose. Nose partialism and nose fetishism are the other names of nasophilia. It is a condition in which patient experience sexual arousal to anything via smelling it. Nose plays a vital role in sexual arousal to some specific scents, that's why it is termed as nasophilia. There may be variation in the physical appearance of object. Person may feel him or herself in love with that attractive thing and wants to be in contact with this. He wants to physically interact with that thing attracting him. The patient wish or desires to penetrate his nostrils in the intended object.

Other than this, patient may desire to see some different and more attractive things at the place of nose like the nose of Pinocchio. Patient dream about seeing a different nose instead of the original one i.e. replaced with a piggy nose. This is associated with role play in which props are used to change the shape of nose, with the writing artwork, transformation fiction and morphing i.e. some modified pictures of people. All these things are found to be attractive to the patient with nasophilia.

Nasophilia Meaning, Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Nasophilia Symptoms

This is kind of attraction to the nose of any other person. Basically the symptoms are associated with sexual arousal of patient. Person with nasophilia wants to touch his partner's nose and lick it and sometimes bite it. This makes them relax and they enjoy it a lot. Sometimes person with nasophilia wants to kiss and suck his partner's nose. Basically it is an initial step towards the sexual arousal and ends up with sexual intercourse. It is specified with the nose and people with nasophilia spends more time playing with nose of their partner.

Nasophilia Causes

There is not any specific cause behind nasophilia. Nasophilia is considered the initial attraction towards sexual activity. People with nasophilia got attracted to the different shapes and sizes of nose of people. They always focus on the nose of other people. People with some different nose like bigger nose bridge or nostrils, are found attractive to these patients with nasophilia. They wants to touch and kiss and lick and suck their nose. Patient feels sexually aroused even when they are thinking of touching their partner's nose. Sometimes nasophilia occurs due to strong sense of smell.

Nasophilia Treatment

There are various treatment strategies which can be used according to the severity and condition of patients. These treatment strategies include cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis, hypnosis and drug therapy. Treatment is not conducted unless the condition becomes worse. The psychoanalysis treatment include orgasmic reconditioning, psychotherapy, individual expressive supportive therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Other than this, group therapy is conducted in which there are more than 12 people who are trained about sexual activity. Drug therapy include some main CNS acting drugs. Phenothiazine and some anti depressants are used. Anti depressants are anti androgens and long acting gonadotropin hormone i.e. medical castration.